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Empty Cans Sterilizing Machine


Product description

Deploy List

UV light:4 lamp,Brand:JianCai  Model:ZW40S23W  40W

Lamp holder:Brand:NVC  Model:NDL483 2*36W

Motor, Able   Power:0.55kw   Gear reducer:RV50,Ratio:1:40

Main features

The top stainless steel cover is easy to remove for maintain.

Sterilize empty cans,best performance for the entrance of Decontaminated workshop.

Fully stainless steel structure,Some transmission parts electroplated steel

The main parameters

Chain plate width152mm
Conveying speed10m/min
Power supply3P  AC208-415V  50/60Hz
Total powerMotor:0.55KW, UV light:0.96KW
Total weight200kg
Overall dimension3200*400*1150mm