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GT6B40 sealing machine


Provided with four seal wheels and single headpiece, this equipment is capable of seal cans automatically, which seals cans by immobilizing cans and rotating the four seal wheels. Specifically, it is best characterized by the capability of sealing multiple specifications beverage can, tinplate, aluminum can, canister and plastic tank as well as fully realizing automatic can holding, covering and can sealing to reduce quondam hand operation. In particular, it has the properties of highly stable operation, large span can-sealing range and convenient regulation, and can be handled by advanced PLC, variable frequency and so on. In appearance, whole machine is entirely made of 304# stainless steel materials, which is required to the high sanitary standard and high cleanliness for compliance in food cans industry. What makes this equipment become the perfect one to cannery, canning factory, chemical plant, drug and health care products is the critical component of this equipment is processed by high precision facilities, considerably enhancing its own machining precision and ensuring the stability of the whole machine function. Last but not least, this equipment not only can work solely but also can cooperate with conveyor line to make flow line production.            


application scope:can diameter: Φ52-Φ100mm outer cans height:60-200mm

outine size:2000×780×1800mm


total power:1.1KW

total supply:380V 50HZ/60HZ