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GT5B40Automatic sealing machine


Product description

1. This machine is designed and made based on the introduced foreign technology and demand from domestic canned food industry. The machine frame is made of full stainless steel, with PLC control and touch screen operation, which will bring an easy operation and adjusting, as well as high work efficiency.

2. It has full automatic functions such as automatic can passing in and out,automatic feeding cover and can sealing,no cover being fed while a can does not occur,as well as alarm on can absence.

3. It conforms to top-grade hygienic requirement for canned food industry, and its hygienic grade has reached the standard of alike foreign equipment.

4. At present, it is an advanced model available domestically for automatic can sealing machines.

The main parameters

Capacity35-40 can/minute
Application scopecan diameter Φ90-Φ127mm 120-200mm
Outline size2000*800*1750(mm)