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GT4B32 vacuum automatic sealing machine


Product introduction:

  The excellent sealing equipment promoted by the national science and Technology Commission to the whole country. This equipment has four sealing wheels, single head automatic sealing equipment, it can seal cans of various specifications, tinplate, aluminum cans, paper cans or plastic cans, which can automatically seal the tank automatically, and reduce manual operation. The machine has the advantages of stable operation, sealing range span, simple operation, convenient adjustment, the key parts are made of high precision machining equipment, machining accuracy is improved, to ensure the stability of machine operation, is ideal equipment for small and medium-sized beverage factory, food factory, herbal tea, cola, pickled cabbage, canned food factory, canning factory, chemical plant, medicine and health care products. The machine can work in single machine and can be produced in line with the transmission line.

main parameter

Scope of applicationinternal diameter52-105mm、Outer canister height60-135mm
Shape size1540X1210X1900mm